To ground myself, my life, and others in the context of the earth, plants and compassion.

To dwell simply among the plants, in peace and harmony as a calm and compassionate presence.

To cultivate and exemplify a consciously immanent: “through the body” presence.

The cultivation of ever deepening inner sensitivity to our feelings, thoughts, intentions, energy manifestations, orientation (alignment in the Light), our health, the feelings of others and of all beings, and the environment.

To live a life of heartfelt humble service, facilitating and inviting compassion, in a truly deepening compassionate manner.

To reconnect our consciousness and life style with our bodies, our health, our environment, and our hearts and spiritual foundations.

To facilitate and encourage bodily, psychological and spiritual “literacy” regarding all elements of consumption and environmental conditions; including foods, thoughts, intentions, aromas, allergens, chemicals, fumes, and energies

To consciously engage our “Western” culture with its organ of reproduction: EDUCATION: asking ourselves who we truly are, what is within our hearts, what is our humble context, what are our environmental constraints, and how we can be living our lives.

To facilitate a cultural lifestyle which intrinsically values all species, all cultures and the environment.

To exemplify how we can live in this culture, but not of it.

To exemplify and encourage us to have faith in our hearts (rather than calculation and fear in our heads), and thereby the courage to choose accordingly: “pro-actively,” rather than re-actively, blindly, or “inside the box.”

To facilitate and encourage the perpetuation and resurgence of traditional cultures and their healing arts and consciousness/ wisdom.

To facilitate and encourage the return to holistic plant spirit medicines; and to wean us from addictive dependency upon inertly harsh pharmaceuticals.

To dwell simply among the plants, in peace and harmony, as a calm and compassionate presence.