Plant Teachings


Our bodies harmonize with our surroundings.

We have a choice about what we surround ourselves with:

Plants have “life-force” energy: they are living organisms.

Life-force energy is Light, aligned, diverse, complex, whole, balanced, balancing, compassionate:
it feels good and comfortable: harmonizing and compassionate.

Plants simply stand there: Breathing!

They breathe in all that comes their way.

They transform it; they radiate out compassionate energy: it is tangible!
Enter a garden: be among the plants; we can feel the difference.

Their energy is fresh, grounded, grounding; we feel like breathing:
They invite us to breathe; we relax and remember that we are living: alive.
We can feel what is true in our heart;
And we remember how it is that we really want to live.

Plants have subtle, more finely tuned energies;
when we are among them, they invite us to relax:
to pay deeper attention,
to feel more deeply,
to receive consciously what our bodies are already feeling.

Our bodies are like “antennae”:
feeling, receiving all the energies of the universe, all the time.

There are no “illusions”: everything we feel is real, because it is experienced.

We can learn to acknowledge what it is that we are receiving.

Experience Plant Teachings

So, here we are in the Garden:

Plants are grounded!

Their roots are firmly planted in the ground (except for epiphytes).

Their feet are in constant contact with the nourishing soil.

Groundedness enables them to stand still, unwavering;
yet flowing in the breeze.

Groundedness nourishes us too

Groundedness invites us to become more consciously present: silent,
patient, breathing, feeling, receiving, acknowledging, and humble.

The plants have an anchor of stability and firmness that facilitates their alignment as they stretch into the Light, and receive the sun.

Plants are aligned

Plants are aligned: they orient and focus upwards towards the Light,
receiving the Light which is inspiring: spiritually nourishing.

They never waver from that focus,

They constantly continue in the seeking of this alignment.

It is this alignment that inspires them;

It is this alignment that is affirmed within their hearts.
When grounded, and aligned in the Light, we can become increasingly sensitive:
opening ourselves from within our hearts,
affirming our center, and our equilibrium.

We too become inspired!

This is a true and functional openness that allows us to be genuine,
and transparent, and radiant of compassionate energy: Beauty!

Plants are exemplary presence

Plants are living this life presence in every moment:

They simply stand here breathing, radiating compassionate energy.

And so can we.

We can cultivate our mind to orient into this Divine Light

We can cultivate our mind to be in service of our Heart:
To stand out of the way:
To hold open the doorway, by intentionally focusing and
concentrating into our heart of feeling, through which streams the Divine Light .

We can use the mind as an organ of perceptive inquiring!

The focus of our intention opens the windows of our consciousness to the subtle realms of inner beauty already immediately before us, and within us.

We can focus and enter more deeply into this reception of Divine Light.

Plants are relaxed, sensitive and harmonious

The plants invite us to relax, and become present with them.

As our bodies harmonize with their energies,
we are invited ever more deeply into ourselves:
into our own body beings;
into our own sensitivity awareness.
We become increasingly patient, and feeling and opened.

We deepen our sensitivity within;

We deepen our conscious connection with our hearts;

We deepen our sensitivity to our surroundings;

We deepen our sensitivity to others;

We deepen our conscious connection within our hearts;

We become more aware and more clear what it is that we really want, and what is truly most important;

We become better able to focus and simplify our lives and our activities;

We become less distracted, and more genuinely present.

Plants are Joyous

Plants in the Light blossom and flower, displaying
their radiant colors, which call to us;
their delicate openness, which receives us;
their exquisite beauty, which connects within our hearts;
their Divine sensitivity, which invites us ever more deeper;
their apertures of creation, which inspire us;
their abidance in the unified realm, which fillls us,
their ultimate expression of Joy, which fulfills us.

Plants simply Create Beauty!

Plants are living this life presence in every moment;
And so can we.

They simply stand here breathing, radiating compassionate energy;
And so can we.

Plants are living examples of how we can be grounded, and orient ourselves into the Light: to become channels of Light.

Plants invite us and inspire us to dwell more deeply in the sensitivity within our hearts.

As we become grounded, we can become aligned, focused in the Light:
in the same Light of what we want most, within our hearts.

With groundedness and alignment in the Light, we can fill our hearts and our soul with all that is Light and Joy;

And with increasing discipline, we can unceasingly cultivate this Beauty.

We can cultivate within ourselves the orientation of thankfulness, and gratitude which affirms beauty with joy!

We can learn and practice to dwell within the cultivation of Joy, and the compassionate Light energy that it generates and radiates through us.

The Garden is a Cathedral:

The Garden is a Cathedral of the Divine Beauty of compassion radiating through the plants.

In the Garden, we find ourselves invited and inspired,
through the exemplary Divine energy presence of the plants,
to focus into our own innate inner sensitivity within our Hearts.
to ground and align in the Divine Light.
to breathe, relax and harmonize.
to radiate joyous compassion.
to simply Create Beauty!
to dwell in the Divine compassionate presence within in us.

Plants simply create Beauty;

Simply Create Beauty!