We have a choice! When we spend our time with the plants, they ground us, relax us, and focus us in our heart: we feel compassion and peace.

Dianthus superbus: Chinese fringed pink: Qu Mai

Plants are not in a hurry, trying to do “good” things. They simply grow there, breathing in what ever comes (all our pollution etc.), and radiating out peaceful loving energy: compassion, which we can tangibly feel. Their compassion transforms us: the more we are with them, the more we learn to value and respect them, and thus seek to preserve and live in harmony with them.

Ficus religiosa: the Bodi tree

We remember our inherent dependence upon them for our food, our medicine (physiological, psychological, and Spiritual), and for the air we breathe. They are foundational to our cultures, and to our cultural wisdom. They provide a significant compassionate energy presence here on earth.

Lobelia tupa

Simply being in the garden with the plants is a harmonizing and healing experience. When we live in harmony, our natural life force energies flow, and we don’t become stressed, stagnated and diseased.

Salvia discolor

Salvia discolor: Peruvian “black” sage

When the wisdom keepers of our cultures regain access to the living plants they know to use for healing, their holistic traditions can continue to thrive, enabling us to shed our addicting dependency upon inert pharmaceuticals.

Now, you can open yourself to the Spirit energy presence of our most revered Healing Spirit Plants, get to know them, and invite their presence to find a home in your garden, so that you may find the opportunity to spend more time with them, and they with you.

You will learn to FEEL the difference.

Plant Spirits heal us invitationally from within our hearts.